The Bufones de Pría blowholes

The views of the cliffs alone warrant the trip, and if the tide is high the show is unique.The “route of the Bufones”, starting and ending in Llames, is an easy walk suitable for all ages which takes about four hours. It is an unforgettable excursion.

Winter is a perfect time for visiting the Bufonesin full force, but caution is required.So if you decide to go and see the spectacle of the Bufonesand listen to their roars on a stormy day, do go and enjoy them, but please don’t go by car – they are just a short, beautiful walk away.

This is a natural setting, unique in Europe, declared a Natural Monument by the Principality of Asturias in 2001, and is a special conservation area that we must all care for and respect.

The beach is around 800 m long, perpendicular to the coast, the width of the channel is about 80 meters, the sand is white and fine, and the average depth in the bathing area is 1.50 metres, with no sudden slopes or depressions. The water is usually settled and clear. It’s free of rocks and algae, there are few waves and there’s no risk of strong currents.

The Bufones de Pría blowholes are a natural phenomenon created by the erosion of the sea and rain on the limestone, forming cracks and chimneys connecting the sea with the land. When theCantabrianSea shows its full fury with its strong tides, the waves force their way into the bottom of the Bufonesvia the base of the cliffand the water rises through the narrow channel causing a characteristic whistle or snort, which is where the name “blowhole” comes from. The spout of water spray that emerges from the bufóncan reach over twenty metres in height.

Beside you is the beautiful Guadamia Beach, a long channel between the cliffs, shared by the Guadamia River and the Bay of Biscay. It’s said that thisis the best protected beach from the onslaught of the sea in all of eastern Asturias, so it’s very safe for swimming. At the beginning of its long slope the water is shallow and ideal for children. At low tide the sea leaves a long sandy beach, perfect for beach games and sunbathing.

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